The Korean War Memorial Foundation was founded in San Francisco in 2009 with the purpose of building a permanent Memorial to commemorate the sacrifices of those who served in the Korean War. This mission has now been accomplished, and the Memorial now stands as a fitting testament to the memory of the nearly two million United Nations service men and women from twenty-one countries who fought to protect South Korea’s freedom.

It will symbolize, for future generations, the sacred memory of those who went before, and the sacrifices they made for us and for freedom-loving people everywhere. In addition, it will serve to strengthen the close political and commercial ties that connect the United States and the Republic of Korea. It is fitting that the Memorial site looks westward across the Pacific Ocean, the waters that connect our two nations.

The Memorial has been built, but our job is not yet over. We are now engaged in raising funds for an education program for Bay Area students, in cooperation with the San Francisco Unified School District and other agencies. Please join us and help us develop this critical educational mission. Please help us ensure that today’s youth and future generations remember and commemorate our past. Please donate what you can to support the KWMF Education Program. Thank you.


Judge Quentin L. Kopp (Ret.)
President and Chairman of the Board
Korean War Memorial Foundation